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For more than 40 years Aflex Hose has been inventing, developing and manufacturing the widest, most technically advanced range of PTFE lined flexible hose products in the world.

Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Chemical companies have standardized on Aflex Hose’s patented products as the best designed and most reliable choice for process fluids transfer in their manufacturing plants worldwide and more than 10 million cars, ATVs, trucks and motorbikes on the roads today include one or more Aflex PTFE hoses.

From raw materials to finished hose assemblies, our hoses and end fittings are manufactured at our factories in the UK and the USA.

This total control of manufacturing and design gives us an unrivaled ability to meet our customers’ specific needs, whatever the industry or application requirements.

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Pharmaceutical & Biotech
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Chemical & Other
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Automotive & General Purpose

Pharmaceutical & Biotech


Bioflex Ultra PTFE lined flexible hose is the premium product used to transfer process fluids in a wide variety of industries. It is used as a chemically inert, easy clean Pharmaceutical hose, a corrosion resistant suction discharge Chemical hose, a fully compatible Food and Drinks hose, and a hose to transfer paints, resins, inks and other process fluids. Bioflex Ultra is used in biopharm and chemical manufacturing and research facilities, and food and drink processing plants all over the world, and has an unrivalled reputation for reliability, performance and long service life.

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Sizes for Bioflex and specifications

Corroflon hose sets the standard for Fluoroplastic hose designs which have a very flexible convoluted liner. The PTFE liner in Corroflon has shallow convolutions which minimise the restriction in flow rates, and an external reinforcement wire in the external convolutions provides full vacuum resistance and kink resistance. Like all the other Aflex hose products, Corroflon is an excellent chemical suction discharge hose for process fluids transfer.


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Pharmaline N and X hoses are designed to replace conventional silicone rubber hoses in pharmaceutical, chemical and food process fluid transfer applications where the silicone rubber hose does not perform in accordance with the application requirements. This may be due to a requirement for improved autoclave life cycle performance, or improved chemical resistance, or improved internal cleanability. Whatever the conditions, Pharmaline hoses provide the solution.

Pharmaline N&X

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Chemical & Other


Like Bioflex Ultra, Corroline+ hose is designed to fulfil all the requirements for use as a chemical hose or industrial hose, but with the added benefit that it has been reinforced to withstand the most severe conditions of physical abuse. Corroline+ is as crush proof and kinkproof as a flexible hose can be, because it is recognised that applications exist in chemical and general process fluid plants where such usage conditions apply.

Bioflex Corroline +

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Automotive & General Purpose


Smoothbore hose comprises a straight PTFE tube liner and a stainless steel outer braid, and is the basic PTFE hose design being used successfully in many automotive and general-purpose applications. Aflex hose supply a range of sizes and options, including plastic or rubber outer covers over the braid, printed if required. Other applications include use with high-pressure steam and gasses, refrigerants, hot oils, and other hot or corrosive fluids.


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Hyperline FX hose is much more flexible than smoothbore hose, due to the patented design of the PTFE liner, and therefore represents a better alternative in applications where improved flexibility is required. Particularly applicable for the tight configurations increasingly necessary in automotive hose and aerospace hose applications, where space requirements are limited. Stainless steel or polyaramid fibre braided, with plastic or rubber covers as additional options.

Hyperline FX

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Visiflon is a fully convoluted PTFE lined hose product, used in applications where excellent flexibility is required, and the convoluted bore is not a disadvantage. Available with a stainless steel wire braid.


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