Our Mission

Alltrust International Pte Ltd is committed to continuously engage in recruiting and nurturing new leaders at all levels of the organization and also new challenges, so as to ensure, sustain and uphold the company growth in the future.

Our Company

Alltrust International Pte Ltd was first established in 1991, starting with importing spare parts and machineries. We have since grown to have a presence in Asia Pacific, being authorised distributors of Akzonobel and PPG in Cambodia and Myanmar.

Our Core Values

Alltrust International has a humble beginning through the leadership of its founder back in 1990s.¬†This humble beginning has indirectly shaped the company’s core values.

Integrity and Honesty

  • We ensure our work is accurate, on time and relevant.¬†
  • We ensure strict compliance to international or relevant standards.
  • We ensure open and fair communication, at all levels.
  • We ensure all employees to stay committed through appropriate compensation measures.

Customer Service

  • We ensure that customer interest is the most important. We win only if our customer wins.
  • We ensure prompt and quick follow up.
  • We take pride in serving our customers.

Respect and Teamwork

  • We ensure close relationship between different departments.
  • We ensure everyone is well respected and are prepared to listen to all issues.
  • We ensure cohesiveness between employees through outings, trainings and other interactions.

Balance Life Style

  • We ensure that all personnel get sufficient exercise to upkeep their physical health.
  • We ensure that all employees maintain a healthy life style.
  • We encourage corporate social responsibility activities such as environmental sustainability and community involvement.